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Скачать Practical Web 2.0 Applications with PHP (Practical) бесплатно

Practical Web 2.0 Applications with PHP (Practical)
Apress | 2007-12-20 | ISBN: 1590599063 | 569 pages | PDF | 3 MB

Want to assert yourself as a cutting-edge PHP web developer? Take a practical approach, learning by example from author Quentin Zervaas, and discover how to bring together the many technologies needed to create a successful, modern web application.

In Practical PHP Web 2.0 Applications, PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript/Ajax development techniques are brought together to show you how to create the hottest PHP web applications, from planning and design up to final implementation, without going over unnecessary basics that will hold you back. This book includes must-have application features such as search functionality, maps, blogs, dynamic image galleries, and personalized user areas.

Topics covered include application planning and design; setting up the application framework; using CSS for easier styling; adding dynamic effects the easy way--using JavaScript libraries such as Prototype and script.aculo.us; and implementing several must-have web application features such as user login, blogs, dynamic image galleries, search functionality, mapping with map APIs, and much more. Zervaas covers everything in a practical, tutorial style so you can start working on your own projects as quickly as possible.

* Create cutting edge PHP/MySQL web applications.
* Implement must-have functionality such as blogs, maps, search, and dynamic image galleries.
* Master styling with CSS and dynamic effects using Ajax/JavaScript libraries.

What you’ll learn

* How to set up the perfect PHP/MySQL application development environment
* How to implement basic user management functionality
* How to effectively make use of Prototype and script.aculo.us, and other JavaScript libraries
* How to effectively style a dynamic application using CSS
* How to create a basic blog system and enhance it with Ajax
* How to add personalized user areas to your web application
* How to create a dynamic image gallery
* How to add search functionality to your application
* How to use mapping APIs to add maps to your application
* How to use measure subject popularity using tagging and then use those tag statistics to create graphs and more

Who is this book for?

This book is for any PHP developer who wants to stay ahead of the curve, with practical, high-level web application development techniques
About the Apress Practical Series

The Practical series from Apress is your best choice for getting the job done, period. From professional to expert, this series lets you apply project-motivated templates (or frameworks) step by step in a very direct, practical, and efficient manner toward current real-world projects that may be sitting on your desk. So whatever your career goal, Apress can be your trusted guide to take you where you want to go on your IT career empowerment path.
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