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Скачать Computation Structures (Repost) бесплатно

Computation Structures (MIT Electrical Engineering & Computer Science) By SA Ward
Publisher: MIT Press 1999 | 811 Pages | ISBN: 0262231395 | PDF | 83 MB

Developed as the text for the basic computer architecture course at MIT, this book integrates a thorough coverage of digital logic design with a comprehensive presentation of computer architecture. It spans the entire range of topics from analog circuit design to operating systems. The authors seek to demystify the construction of computing hardware by illustrating systematically how it is built up from digital circuits through higher-level components to processors and memories, and how its design is affected by its intended uses. "Computation Structures" is unusually broad in scope, considering many real-world problems and trade-off decisions faced by practicing engineers. These difficult choices are confronted and given careful attention throughout the book. Topics addressed include the digital abstraction; digital representations and notation; combinational devices and circuits; sequence and state; synthesis of digital systems; finite state machines; control structures and disciplines; performance measures and trade offs; communication; interpretation; micro-interpreter architecture; microprogramming and microcode; single sequence machines; stack architectures; register architectures; reduced instruction set computers; memory architectures; processes and processor multiplexing; process synchronization; interrupts, priorities, and real time; directions and trends.


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