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Скачать Getting Started With Oracle Soa Suite 11g R1 - A Hands-On Tutorial (repost) бесплатно

Heidi Buelow, Manas Deb, Jayaram Kasi, Demed LїHer, Prasen Palvankar "Getting Started With Oracle Soa Suite 11g R1 - A Hands-On Tutorial"
PP | English | September 2009 | ISBN: 184719978X | 492 pages | PDF | 20 MB

On July 1, 2009 Oracle announced the 11gR1 release of Fusion Middleware of which SOA Suite is a key part. Service-oriented architecture (SOA), business process management (BPM), event-driven architecture (EDA), and related technologies are at the heart of modern enterprise software solutions aimed at providing greater business agility and adaptability. So far SOA and BPM enabling tools have focused mainly on modularizing applications and IT functionalities using services encapsulation, leaving a major gap when it comes to composing real-life business applications from them and managing their entire life cycle. SOA Suite 11g fills this gap in the context of services, processes, and events, as does the entire Fusion Middleware platform in a broader middleware context.

With Fusion Middleware 11g release, Oracle continues to extend the guiding principles behind its Fusion products: complete, integrated, open, and best-of-breed. Specifically, for SOA Suite 11g this amounts to a unified platform with all the tools that are necessary to work with services, processes, and events, from conception through development and deployment to operational and change management so as to provide very high developer productivity and operational ease. This also means that all SOA Suite components continue to be based on industry standards, remain hot-pluggable to provide best-in-the-industry interoperability in heterogeneous technology environments, and while the SOA Suite components are well integrated, each of them continues to lead the market in its features and performance. Keeping the goal of enablement of business excellence in mind, SOA Suite 11g has been designed to help produce business applications quickly and run them efficiently, adapt these applications easily when business changes demand, manage and monitor these applications, and drastically reduce the gaps in business-IT interactions.

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