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Скачать Modx Web Development бесплатно

Antano Solar John "Modx Web Development"
PP | English | April 2009 | ISBN: 1847194907 | 276 pages | PDF | 12,5 MB

This book teaches you how to use MODx for creating powerful dynamic web sites, even without the knowledge of a programming language as a prerequisite. It leads the reader step by step in a logical pattern to build a complete web site. Each chapter covers certain concepts with simple examples. All the examples if you follow along, aggregate to a self-created web site. Towards the end, it has a chapter dedicated to the serious programmers who would like to extend what they can do with MODx.

This book can also be used as a reference or to relearn the particular concepts that have been discussed in each chapter. It has illustrative examples, wherever necessary, to make sure it is friendly. It has a mix of simple demonstrations and in-depth concepts that will interest both the casual and the serious reader.

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