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Скачать Implementing SOA Using Java EE бесплатно

B.V. Kumar, Tony Ng, Prakash Narayan, Robert Brewin, Raj Bala "Implementing SOA Using Java EE"
Prentice Hall | English | January 2010 | ISBN: 0321492153 | 351 pages | PDF | 3,9 MB

The Practitioner’s Guide to Implementing SOA with Java EE Technologies
This book brings together all the practical insight you need to successfully architect enterprise solutions and implement them using SOA and Java EE technologies. Writing for senior IT developers, strategists, and enterprise architects, the authors cover everything from concepts to implementation, requirements to tools.
The authors first review the Java EE platform’s essential elements in the context of SOA and web services deployment, and demonstrate how Java EE has evolved into the world’s best open source solution for enterprise SOA. After discussing standards such as SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI, they walk through implementing each key aspect of SOA with Java EE. Step by step, you’ll learn how to integrate service-oriented web and business components of Java EE technologies with the help of process-oriented standards such as BPEL/CDL into a coherent, tiered enterprise architecture that can deliver a full spectrum of business services.
Implementing SOA Using Java™ EE concludes with a section-length case study that walks through analyzing a company’s requirements, creating an effective SOA architecture, and building a concise proof-of-concept prototype with NetBeans IDE. Coverage includes
• Using Java EE technologies to simplify SOA implementation
• Mastering messaging, service descriptions, registries, orchestration, choreography, and other essential SOA concepts
• Building an advanced web services infrastructure for implementing SOA
• Using Java Persistence API to provide for persistence
• Gettingstarted with Java Business Integration (JBI), the new open specification for delivering SOA
• Implementing SOA at the web and business tiers
• Developing, configuring, and deploying SOA systems with NetBeans IDE
• Constructing SOA systems with NetBeans SOA Pack

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