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Скачать Eric White, “Pro .NET 2.0 Graphics Programming” бесплатно

Eric White, “Pro .NET 2.0 Graphics Programming”

Eric White, "Pro .NET 2.0 Graphics Programming"
Apress | 2005-10-07 | ISBN: 1590594452 | 472 pages | CHM | 4 Mb

Whether you are using Windows Forms to build rich-client business applications, or the ASP.NET 2.0 framework to build powerful web applications or web services, the use of well-designed graphics will greatly enhance their usability, impact, and visual appeal. This book provides a comprehensive guide to the use of graphics in .NET applications and aims to provide you with all the information you need to build effective custom controls.

The opening section of the book investigates the .NET Framework classes that implement graphics. It covers all of the classes, methods, and techniques needed to create, manipulate, and display precise graphics in a form, a page being sent to a printer, or an image.

On this foundation, the second section describes how to design and build effective custom controls for use in a business environment. Topics covered include building composite controls, implementing keyboard navigation, and enhancing design-time support.

The final section of the book explores the use of GDI+ and ASP.NET to build custom controls that can provide reusable, GUI components for web projects, and to deliver customized graphics over the Internet.

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