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Скачать Rails Solutions: Ruby on Rails Made Easy бесплатно

Rails Solutions: Ruby on Rails Made Easy

Justin Williams, "Rails Solutions: Ruby on Rails Made Easy"
friends of ED | ISBN: 1590597524 | January 15, 2007 | PDF | 288 pages | 4.4MB

How to develop web applications quickly and easily with the Ruby on Rails framework — The basics of programming principles and Ruby syntax, so you can begin to understand what's going on under the hood — How to implement must-have web application features, such as user accounts, data validation, sending e-mail, image uploading, and more — How to use Ajax techniques with Rails and when not to use them — How to implement other Web 2.0 features in Rails, such as tag clouds and microformats If you're a web designer or developer who thinks that the coding involved in developing dynamic web applications is too difficult, think again. This book, and the framework it covers, is the perfect solution to your needs. Ruby on Rails provides an easy-to-use method for quickly developing web applications, simplifying potentially complicated subjects such as web architecture, JavaScript, and SQL/database creation. The simplicity of Rails belies its power, though--this technology is used by major companies such as 37Signals and Google.

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