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Скачать Graphics Programming with GDI+ бесплатно

Graphics Programming with GDI+

Graphics Programming with GDI+ (Microsoft .NET Development Series) by Mahesh Chand
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional (October 20, 2003) | ISBN-10: 0321160770 | CHM | 7 Mb | 784 pages

GDI+ is a part of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 that provides graphics, imaging, and typography functionality. It is a successor to GDI, the Graphics Device Interface included in previous versions of Windows. It improves on GDI in a number of ways, both by adding new features and by optimizing existing features. There is little documentation available on GDI+, and only two books available on it, both of which are written at a very introductory level. This book teaches .NET developers how to work with GDI+ as they develop applications that include graphics, or that interact with monitors or printers. It begins by explaining the difference between GDI and GDI+, and covering the basic concepts of graphics programming in Windows. It goes on to show the relationship between GDI+ and .NET. Chand then quickly moves to more advanced topics. The chapters start with simple code samples, and then move on to more complex real world applications. The author keeps a practical focus throughout, while teaching the entire GDI+ API defined in the .NET framework class library. All code samples in the book will be in C#. The companion Web site will have the code samples in both C# and Visual Basic .NET.

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