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Скачать The PC Graphics Handbook by Julio Sanchez бесплатно

The PC Graphics Handbook by Julio Sanchez

The PC Graphics Handbook by Julio Sanchez, Maria P. Canton
Publisher: CRC; 1 edition (February 26, 2003) | ISBN-10: 0849316782 | ISBN-13: 978-0849316784 | PDF | 12 Mb | 1048 pages

The PC Graphics Handbook serves advanced C++ programmers dealing with the specifics of PC graphics hardware and software. Discussions address: · 2D and 3D graphics programming for Windows and DOS · Device-independent graphics · Mathematics for computer graphics · Graphics algorithms and procedural operations · PC video systems architecture, including its history and development · High-end graphics systems and coprocessors · Artificial life · Virtual reality · Animation techniques for simulations and video games · VGA, SuperVGA, and VESA · Device drivers · Graphics and animation primitives The authors cover the spectrum of PC graphics programming, including theoretical and practical topics - creating a singularly comprehensive resource for programmers.

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