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Скачать Get Ready for OpenID бесплатно

Get Ready for OpenID

Rafeeq Ur Rehman, «Get Ready for OpenID»
Conformix Technologies | ISBN: 0972403124 | 2008 | PDF | 252 pages | 2.75 MB

This is the first book written on the OpenID system and it provides comprehensive information to beginners and mid level programmers of OpenID. The book includes topics like: o Introduction to identity management o Creating OpenID identities o Using OpenID to login to web sites o Understanding the OpenID protocol o Structure of OpenID messages o OpenID extensions o Creating OpenID enabled web sites o Running OpenID server o Using OpenID in the corporate environment o OpenID security and privacy considerations o OpenID and Windows CardSpace If you are interested in getting to know the OpenID system, develop OpenID enabled web sites, or use OpenID in a corporate environment, this book will assist you in getting started.



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