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Скачать Mastering SQL Server 2000 Security бесплатно

Mastering SQL Server 2000 Security
500 pages | Wiley; 1 edition (August 30, 2002) | 0471219703 | PDF | 6,5 Mb

Learn how to protect corporate information by properly designing, managing, and maintaining security at the database level
Security is a primary concern in all aspects of development and IT administration. While locking down networks and erecting firewalls will always be necessary, so much more can be done to protect a corporation's most valuable intangible assets: accounting records, customer lists, and inventories. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 has proven itself to be the fastest and most reliable product available for protecting corporate data. No other book covers as thoroughly the subject of security design and implementation strategies; Mastering SQL Server 2000 Security fills that gap in literature with practical, hands-on advice.
Packed with indispensable design information that can make a tightly secured database faster and easier to use, this book is essential reading for both administrators and developers of databases. The authors explain just how much more is possible in the task of protecting corporate information by properly designing, managing, and maintaining security at the database level.
From this book you will:
* Learn the ins and outs of SQL Server 2000 Security design
* Understand the implementation differences between SQL Server Authentication and Windows Authentication
* Understand the security options in SQL Server 2000 for Internet applications
* Integrate the security of Windows 2000 (Kerberos) into your SQL Server deployment
* Master the security requirements for distributed data environments, such as DTS, replication, linked servers, and data warehousing

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