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Скачать Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Version 2003 бесплатно

Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Version 2003
1403 pages | Microsoft Press (February 4, 2004) | 0735620598 | PDF | 10 Mb

Accelerate your productivity with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003 with guidance from a leading author and expert in the developer community. This definitive reference offers coverage that’s both broad and deep, fully up to date with Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET 2003 and Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, and packed with expert insights, practical code samples, and best practices. Get the information you need to quickly create powerful Win32®–based applications and scalable solutions for the Web, including working with the common language runtime, multithreading, Windows® Forms applications, GDI+, Microsoft ADO.NET, Microsoft ASP.NET Web Forms, and XML Web services. Examine best practices for porting and reusing existing Visual Basic code in the .NET Framework, as well as exploiting the language’s advanced object-oriented capabilities. And extend your expertise with all-new coverage on Remoting, enterprise services and COM+, code access security, Web services extensions, and more—along with a wealth of optimization tips.

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