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Скачать The LaTeX Companion, Second Edition бесплатно

Frank Mittelbach, Michel Goossens, Carlisle & Rowley: "The LaTeX Companion, Second Edition"
Addison-Wesley Professional | 2004 | ISBN 0201362996 | 1120 pages | Book(djvu)+errata (PDF) | 10.5 MB

The most comprehensive and authoritative guide available to traditional document layout—specialized graphics extensions and Web applications are covered in separate Companions. Much has changed in the ten years since the first edition was published. This new edition covers in depth all the major new developments, and updates coverage in all other areas. The authors, who are all core members of the LaTeX3 Project, cover not just the core of LaTex, but also all the important extensions which have been developed. Contains more than 900 self-contained ready-to-run examples that can immediately be reused by readers.

Frank Mittelbach is manager of the LaTeX3 Project, in which capacity he oversaw the release of LaTeX 2e. He is the editor of a series of publications on tools and techniques for computer typesetting.

Michel Goossens is past president of the TeX Users Group. A research physicist at CERN, where the Web paradigm was born, he is responsible for LaTeX, HTML, SGML, and, more recently, XML support for scientific documents.

The LaTeX Companion has long been the essential resource for anyone using LaTeX to create high-quality printed documents. This completely updated edition brings you all the latest information about LaTeX and the vast range of add-on packages now available—over 200 are covered! Full of new tips and tricks for using LaTeX in both traditional and modern typesetting, this book will also show you how to customize layout features to your own needs—from phrases and paragraphs to headings, lists, and pages.

Inside, you will find:

• Expert advice on using LaTeX's basic formatting tools to create all types of publications—from memos to encyclopedias
• In-depth coverage of important extension packages for tabular and technical typesetting, floats and captions, multicolumn layouts—including reference guides and discussions of the underlying typographic and TeXnical concepts
• Detailed techniques for generating and typesetting contents lists, bibliographies, indexes, etc.
• Tips and tricks for LaTeX programmers and systems support

New to this edition:

• Nearly 1,000 fully tested examples that illustrate the text and solve typographical and technical problems— all ready to run!
• An additional chapter on citations and bibliographies
• Expanded material on the setup and use of fonts to access a huge collection of glyphs, and to typeset text from a wide range of languages and cultures
• Major new packages for graphics, "verbatim" listings, floats, and page layout
• Full coverage of the latest packages for all types of documents—mathematical, multilingual, and many more
• Detailed help on all error messages, including those troublesome low-level TeX errors

Like its predecessor, The LaTeX Companion, Second Edition, is an indispensable reference for anyone wishing to use LaTeX productively. All of the authors have over 10 years of varied experience working with LaTeX-related software systems. All but one are active members of the LaTeXЗ Project Team, developing and maintaining the core LaTeX system.


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