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Скачать Successful Evolution of Software Systems By Hongji Yang, Martin Ward бесплатно

Hongji Yang, Martin Ward. Successful Evolution of Software Systems
Artech House Publishers | 2003 | ISBN: 1580533493 | 300 pages | PDF | 5 Mb | rar

In today’s fast-changing, competitive environment, having an up-to-date information system (IS) is critical for all companies and institutions. Rather than creating a new system from scratch, reengineering is an economical way to develop an IS to match changing business needs. Using detailed examples, this practical book gives you methods and techniques for reengineering systems for flexibility and reliability. It helps you reengineer a system to continue to provide for business critical missions as well as achieve a smooth transformation to an up-to-date software technology environment. What’s more, it shows you how to redevelop a flexible system that can evolve to meet future business objectives, reduce start time and save money in the reengineering process.

This unique resource places particular emphasis on the reengineering of legacy assembler systems using the FermaT workbench, and describes other widely available general techniques. The book poses the key questions that you need to address before reengineering can provide an integrated framework that reveals the answers. A built workbench is used to illustrate the approach with the application of real case studies.


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