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Скачать Sams Teach Yourself Linux Security Basics in 24 Hours бесплатно

Sams Teach Yourself Linux Security Basics in 24 Hours
432 pages | Sams (April 23, 2001) | ISBN-10: 0672320916 | PDF | 4 Mb

This book is an introductory, tutorial-style text designed to give the reader a strong foundational knowledge of securing a Linux system. This book teaches the reader how to securely install and run Linux as it comes shipped from most Linux distributors. Most other titles in this market focus on the use of tools and software not normally included with Linux. Our approach teaches fundamentals the reader can take to other operating systems. This text is designed to provide a basic guide to resolving security involved in the use of Linux in workstation, small server, or small network environments.

Covered topics include the following:
Securing network services such as Samba and NFS
Installation security details
Firewalling with ipchains and iptables
Intrusion detection, auditing, and monitoring
BIOS and motherboard security issues
Kerberos authentication
Data encryption
Eliminating ID and device risks
Preserving data
Steps to take if hacked

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