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Скачать Suse Linux Administration Guide 9.1 бесплатно

Suse Linux Administration Guide 9.1 by Jorg et al Bartsch
Publisher: SUSE Linux AG 2004 | 561 Pages | ISBN: 3899901177 | PDF | 1.6 MB

The SUSE LINUX Administration Guide provides background information
about the way your SUSE LINUX operates. This book introduces Linux system administration basics such as file systems, kernels, boot processes, an Apache web server, and secure authentication. The SUSE LINUX Administration Guide comprises five major categories:
Installation Details about special installation types, updates, LVM, andRAID.
Configuration Configuration of the boot loader, XWindow System, printer operation, and mobile computing with Linux.
System Special characteristics of a SUSE LINUX system, details about the kernel, boot concepts, and init processes.
Network Integration in (heterogeneous) networks, configuring an Apache web server, file synchronization, and security aspects.
Appendices File Systems and Access Control Lists.

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