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Скачать Windows NT Server 4 Unleashed, Second Edition бесплатно

Windows NT Server 4 Unleashed, Second Edition
1248 pages | Sams; 2 Sub edition (March 23, 1998) | ISBN-10: 0672312492 | zip`d html | 19,6 Mb

Windows NT Server 4 Unleashed, 2/e provides the fastest path to vital information.
Windows NT Server 4 Unleashed provides efficient reference-based solutions for today's most advanced administration problems
Primary focus is on latest advancements in NT-Clustering, Transaction Server, and Message Que Server as well as coverage on new security features and domain models
Get the total picture: remote access, networking, control, multi-protocol routing, TCP/IP, RRAS, PPTP, and more!
Written by Jason Garms, Windows NT Server Security, Product Manager for Microsoft

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