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Скачать Prentice Hall Networking бесплатно

Jeffrey S. Beasley, "Prentice Hall Networking Second Edition Sep 2008"
Prentice Hall | ISBN: 0131358383 | Sep 2008 | 718 pages | PDF | 21.3 MB

This book provides a comprehensive look at computer networking from the point of view of the network administrator. It guides readers from an entry-level knowledge in computer networks to advanced concepts in thernet networks, router configuration, TCP/IP networks, routing protocols, local, campus, and wide area network configuration, network security, wireless networking, optical networks, Voice over IP, the network server, Linux networking, and industrial networks. After covering the entire text, readers will have gained a solid knowledge base in computer networks. In my years of teaching, I have observed that technology students prefer to learn “how to swim” after they have gotten wet and taken in a little water. Then they are ready for more challenges. Show the students the technology, how it is used, and why, and they will take the applications of the technology to the next level. Allowing them to experiment with the technology helps them to develop a greater understanding. This book does just that.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Computer Networks
Chapter 2 :Physical Layer Cabling: Twisted Pair
Chapter 3: Computer Fundamentals
Chapter 4: Interconnecting the LANs
Chapter 5: TCP/IP
Chapter 6: Introduction to Router Configuration
Chapter 7: Routing Protocols
Chapter 8 :Wide Area Networking 288
Chapter 9: Configuring and Managing the Campus Network
Chapter 10: Network Security
Chapter 11: Wireless Networking
Chapter 12 :Optical Networking
Chapter 13: Voice over IP
Chapter 14 :The Network Server
Chapter 15 :Linux Networking
Chapter 16 :Industrial Networks


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