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Скачать Object-Oriented Oracle бесплатно

Object-Oriented Oracle (Solutions for It Professionals)
250 pages | Cybertech Publishing (October 2005) | ISBN: 1591406072 | PDF | 3,2 Mb

The popularity of object-oriented concepts, design, and programming has stimulated the need for a database system that enables a straightforward process to store and retrieve object instances. Exploring object-oriented features and techniques in Oracle DBMS, this book describes the fundamental aspects of data modeling and implementation in Oracle. The implementation of structural aspects of an object model are covered, including object types, collection types, object referencing, nested tables, and inheritance structures, as well as the behavioral aspects that include encapsulated member procedures and functions. The complete cycle of database design using object-oriented concepts, implementation on object-relational Oracle, and data manipulations using member procedures/functions and object-relational queries is also addressed.

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