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Скачать Multicast Sockets: Practical Guide for Programmers [repost] бесплатно

Multicast Sockets: Practical Guide for Programmers
180 pages | Morgan Kaufmann (November 5, 2002) | ISBN: 155860846X | PDF | 8 Mb

This is a terrific hands-on guide to programming multicast Internet applications. Gathering together all of the needed information, techniques, and illustrative examples in one place, it is the best source for material on multicast socket programming. -James F. Kurose, Professor of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Makofske and Almeroth have provided just the jump-start that most programmers will need to get started with multicast. Using the examples provided, any competent coder will be able to safely send and receive multicast packets in short order. Think of this as the crystal radio kit of multicast applications-and I mean that in the best possible sense. -Lucy Lynch, Computing Center, University of Oregon

Until now, programming multicast applications has been an arcane pursuit, accessible to a select few. This book changes all that. It is very timely, with an introduction to programming multicast in .NET, in addition to Java and C. It is also very comprehensive, with a nice discussion of the history of multicast development. -Ramesh Govindan, University of Southern California

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