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Скачать ASP Made Simple бесплатно

Sharon Deane, Robert Henderson “ASP Made Simple"
Made Simple | 2003-04 | ISBN: 075065869X | 160 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

ASP Made Simple provides a brief introduction to ASP for the person who favours self teaching and/or does not have expensive computing facilities to learn on. The book will demonstrate how the principles of ASP can be learned with an ordinary PC running Personal Web Server, MS Access and a general text editor like Notepad.
After working through the material readers should be able to:
* Write ASP scripts that can display changing information on a web browser * Request records from a remote database or add records to it * Check user names & passwords and take this knowledge forward, either for their own web-development projects or as a stepping-stone to understanding more formal texts KEY FEATURES: *Exercises and material builds up into a simple project, which is a customizable shell *Starts from first principles and does not assume the reader is a scripting expert *Constructed to give all the information needed to build a web site with database connectivity

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