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Скачать The IT / Digital Legal Companion: A Comprehensive Business Guide to Software, IT, Internet, Media and IP Law бесплатно

Gene K. Landy, Amy J. Mastrobattista “The IT / Digital Legal Companion:
A Comprehensive Business Guide to Software, IT, Internet, Media and IP Law"

Syngress | 2008-06-20 | ISBN: 1597492566 | 1188 pages | PDF | 2,57 MB

To compete effectively in digital business markets, you need to understand how the law affects your digital technology business.
The contents include detailed plain English business and legal guidance on:
* Intellectual Property for Digital Business
* Digital Contract Fundamentals
* Open Source
* Development and Consulting
* Software as a Service
* Software Licensing and Distribution
* Web and Internet Agreements
* Privacy
* Digital Multimedia Content and Distribution
* IT Standards
* Web and Mobile Technology and Content Deals
* Video Game Deals
* International Distribution
* Legal Affairs Management
* Forms Appendix in the book and downloadable online 38 sample forms for deals and transactions and for the Web
The content goes from the basics to advanced topics such as off-shoring, anti-circumvention, open source business models, user-created content, reverse engineering, mobile media distribution, web and game development, mash-ups, web widgets, and massively multiplayer games.
This book is designed to empower you to:
* Understand the interaction between law, money and technology
* Obtain and exploit a portfolio of IP assets
* Build and reinforce positive relationships with other companies
* Leverage your technologies
* Manage risks in markets with many uncertainties
* Make better deals and close deals more quickly
* Act more decisively and confidently in legal matters

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