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Скачать Selected Readings on Global InformationTechnology: Contemporary Applications бесплатно

Hakikur Rahman “Selected Readings on Global InformationTechnology: Contemporary Applications"
Publisher: Information Science Reference | 2008-08-13 | ISBN: 1605661163 | 516 pages | PDF | 4,8 MB

Education and research in the field of global information technology can prove problematic without the proper resources and tools on the most relevant issues, trends, and advancements.
Selected Readings on Global Information Technology: Contemporary Applications supplements course instruction and student research with quality chapters focused on key issues concerning the development, design, and analysis of global IT. Containing over 30 chapters from authors across the globe, these selected readings in areas such as knowledge sharing, ICTs, and globalization depict the most relevant and important areas of classroom discussion within the categories of Fundamental Concepts and Theories; Development and Design Methodologies; Tools and Technologies; Application and Utilization; Critical Issues; and Emerging Trends.

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