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Скачать Quantitative Data Analysis with SPSS бесплатно

Pete Greasley “Quantitative Data Analysis with SPSS"
Open University Press | 2007-12-01 | ISBN: 0335223052 | 144 pages | PDF | 2,67 MB

This accessible book is essential reading for those looking for a short and simple guide to basic data analysis. Written for the complete beginner, the book is the ideal companion when undertaking quantitative data analysis for the first time using SPSS.
The book uses a simple example of quantitative data analysis that would be typical to the health field to take you through the process of data analysis step by step. The example used is a doctor who conducts a questionnaire survey of 30 patients to assess a specific service. The data from these questionnaires is given to you for analysis, and the book leads you through the process required to analyse this data.
Handy screenshots illustrate each step of the process so you can try out the analysis for yourself, and apply it to your own research with ease.
Topics covered include:
Questionnaires and how to analyse them
Coding the data for SPSS, setting up an SPSS database and entering the data
Descriptive statistics and illustrating the data using graphs
Cross-tabulation and the Chi-square statistic
Correlation: examining relationships between interval data
Examining differences between two sets of scores
Reporting the results and presenting the data
Quantitative Data Analysis Using SPSS is helpful for any students in health and social sciences with little or no experience of quantitative data analysis and statistics.

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