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Скачать Spring Into HTML and CSS by Molly E. Holzschlag бесплатно

Spring Into HTML and CSS by Molly E. Holzschlag (Author)
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional (April 22, 2005) | ISBN-10: 0131855867 | CHM | 6 Mb | 272 pages

The fastest route to true HTML/CSS mastery! Need to build a web site? Or update one? Or just create some effective new web content? Maybe you just need to update your skills, do the job better.
Welcome. This book's for you. We'll leverage what you already know about the web, so you'll go further, faster than you ever expected. You'll master today's best practices: the real nuts and bolts, not theory or hooey. Youll learn through dozens of focused HTML, XHTML, and CSS examples: crafted for simplicity and easy to adapt for your own projects.
Need specific solutions? This book's modular, visual, high-efficiency format delivers them instantly. Molly E. Holzschlag draws on her unparalleled experience teaching Web design and development. No other HTML/CSS guide covers this much, this well, this quickly. Dig in, get started, get results!
— All you need to succeed with HTML, XHTML, and CSS in real-world projects
— Learn how to build web pages that'll work in any environment, on virtually any contemporary browser
— Construct templates that simplify every page you develop
— Structure and tag text so it's easy to work with and manage
— Add images, media, and scripts — quickly and reliably
— Discover the right ways to use HTML tables
— Build easy-to-use forms and validate your users' input
— Use CSS to take total control over your site's look and feel
— Master core CSS techniques: color, images, text styles, link effects, lists, navigation, and more
— Control margins, borders, padding, positioning, floats, even Z-index
— Design efficient, compatible, easy-to-manage CSS layouts
Includes concise XHTML and CSS annotated references: quick help for every language element


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