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Скачать Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Audio and Video Podcasting, Second Edition бесплатно

Michael Geoghegan, Dan Klass “Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Audio and Video Podcasting, Second Edition"
friends of ED | 2007-11-19 | ISBN:1590599055 | 280 pages | PDF | 10 Mb

Written by two of the best and brightest podcasting pioneers, Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Audio and Video Podcasting, Second Edition is a comprehensive and perceptive guide to all things podcasting. From downloading podcasts to producing your own for fun or profit, Podcast Solutions covers the entire world of podcasting with insight, humor, and the unmatched wisdom of experience.

Big-name companies and podcasters throughout the United States and thousands of faithful listeners around the world will tell you that Michael W. Geoghegan ("Reel Reviews-Films Worth Watching" and GigaVox Media) and Dan Klass ("The Bitterest Pill" and JacketMedia.com) know how to put together compelling and engaging shows that people come back to week after week. These two pros will guide you through everything including developing your raw podcast ideas to selecting equipment, creating your podcast (including incorporating music, professional production techniques, and audio- and video-editing secrets), and mobilizing and growing an audience.

Plenty has changed since the best-selling first edition of this book, and Michael and Dan bring you all the latest and greatest information on production, distribution, and marketing from the world of audio and video podcasting. Nearly 50 pages of new material and hundreds of updates make this the most complete and up-to-date book on podcasting imaginable.

Between Michael's uncanny business and marketing sense and Dan's nearly two decades in the entertainment industry, these authors have the experience to back up their advice on what it takes to elevate your podcast to a professional level. Podcast Solutions gives you not only what youll need to know about podcasting but also the insiders view on the business of new-media production and marketing.

Whether you want to use podcasting to inform, educate, entertain, or inspire, whether you are a complete novice or an experienced professional, Podcast Solutions is the guide you need.
In this book you'll learn:
How to find and download audio and video podcasts to your computer or portable media player
How to develop, format, produce, edit, encode, and upload your audio or video podcast, including in-depth information on using music legally
How to set up an effective audio studio, including the complete and updated "The podcast studio buyers guide"
How to create great video, including tricks of the trade such as the law of thirds, the line, and the three-point light technique, as well as tips on casting, locations, scheduling, and more
How people are marketing and making money through podcasting in the era of Web 2.0

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