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Скачать Glenn Johnson, "ASP.NET in 60 Minutes a Day" бесплатно

Glenn Johnson, "ASP.NET in 60 Minutes a Day"
Wiley | 800 Pages | 2003-05-30 | ISBN: 0471430234 | PDF | 10.73 MB

* Introduces Microsoft's widely-used, free Web development tool to new users and to those preparing for certification
* Includes thirty one-hour lessons that recreate a typical week-long introductory seminar
* Gets readers quickly up-to-speed on using ASP.NET and Web Matrix to develop Web pages and Web services
* The author has taught ASP.NET and other Microsoft tools for Xerox Connect and other major corporations
* Companion Web site features an online presentation by the author that follows along with each chapter and includes an audio-only option for readers with dial-up Internet connection

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