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Скачать Biometrics бесплатно


John D.Woodward,Jr., Nicholas M.Orlans & Peter T.Higgins"Biometrics
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | ISBN:0072222271 | 2003. | 464 p. | RARed | PDF | 5.79MB

Discover how to make biometrics -- the technology involving scanning and analyzing unique body characteristics and matching them against information stored in a database -- a part of your overall security plan with this hands-on guide. Includes deployment scenarios, cost analysis, privacy issues, and much more...

Several years ago, several biometric industry analysts, an author of this book included, regularly appeared at annual conferences to speak on the future of biometrics and proclaimed:

“1997 is the Year of Biometrics.”

The following year, the pronouncement became:

“1998 is the Year of Biometrics.”

Each year, a pattern developed:

“1999 is the Year of Biometrics.”
“2000 is the Year of Biometrics.”
“2001 is the Year of Biometrics.”

Eventually, a variable got inserted into the pronouncement, firm in the realization that eventually one year we would be correct:

“ [Insert Year] is the Year of Biometrics.”

Although biometrics have not become a required part of all authentication systems, this emerging industry has come a long way from its “modern founding” in 1972 with the installation of a commercial finger measurement device on Wall Street. For example, in 2001, the highly respected MIT Technology Review named biometrics one of the “top ten emerging technologies that will change the world.”

The numbers also show industry growth. Rick Norton, the executive director of the International Biometric Industry Association (IBIA), the industry’s trade association, has pointed out that biometric revenues over recent years have increased by an order of magnitude. In 1996, biometric revenues were $20 million. In 2001, they reached $200 million. Norton believes that in another five years, (2006), they will reach $2 billion.

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