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Скачать Active Server Pages How-To: The Definitive Active Server Pages Problem-Solver бесплатно

Nathan Wallace, "Active Server Pages How-To: The Definitive Active Server Pages Problem-Solver"
Waite Group Press; Pap/Cdr edition | ISBN: 1571691162 | 697 pages | PDF | 17,5 Mb

This is a comprehensive guide to creating Active Platform projects. It shows you how-to create Web pages with functionality equal to the most sophisticated Windows application program. Active Server Page How-To provides 100 cutting-edge projects that cover the entire range of Active Platform development. Topics include conversion of C++ legacy code into ActiveX controls, converting an ActiveX control into an Active Server Component or Active Data Object, and modifying an ActiveX control to work with Distributed COM or function as an ISAPI extension. Each chapter includes one or two How-To's that demonstrate moving legacy code into the Active Platform; several How-To's for common problems that are either not documented or where the documentation is wrong or incomplete; one or two How-To's that illustrate using features from one Active Platform element with other components; and at least one How-To illustrating a combination of three of more Active Platform components working together.


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