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Скачать The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS, Ajax, and PHP бесплатно

The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS, Ajax, and PHP
Springer-Verlag | June, 2007 | English | ISBN: 9781590598597 | 785 pages | PDF | RS | 17.6 MB

Leverage the power of Dreamweaver’s CSS tools to build attractive, standards-compliant websites. Use and customize Dreamweaver’s PHP features to build searchable, database-driven web aplications. Combine the strengths of PHP and Spry, Adobe’s implementation of Ajax, to create exciting dynamic web experiences.

Summary of Contents

* Chapter 1: Dreamweaver CS3Your Creative Partner
* Chapter 2: Building Dynamic Sites with Ajax and PHP
* Chapter 3: Getting the Work Environment Ready
* Chapter 4: Setting Up a PHP Site
* Chapter 5: Adding a Touch of Style
* Chapter 6: Creating a CSS Site Straight Out of the Box
* Chapter 7: Building Site Navigation with the Spry Menu Bar
* Chapter 8: Sprucing Up Content with Spry Widgets
* Chapter 9: Building Online Forms and Validating Input
* Chapter 10: Introducing the Basics of PHP
* Chapter 11: Using PHP to Process a Form
* Chapter 12: Working with PHP Includes and Templates
* Chapter 13: Setting Up MySQL and phpMyAdmin
* Chapter 14: Storing Records in a Database

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