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Скачать Agent and Web Service Technologies in Virtual Enterprises бесплатно

Nicolaos Protogeros, "Agent and Web Service Technologies in Virtual Enterprises "
IGI Global (July 19, 2007) | ISBN: 1599046482 | 383 pages | PDF | 4,9 Mb

Research on new technologies for the virtual enterprise operation has opened up new ideas on the design principles and operation approaches in order to maximize benefits and overcome limitations encountered. Agent and Web Service Technologies in Virtual Enterprises provides a comprehensive review of the most recent advances in agent and Web service technologies, integrating the most recent contributions supporting formation, integration, collaboration, and operation in virtual enterprises. This Premier Reference Source enables libraries to provide researchers with a deep and thorough understanding of the benefits and issues surrounding agents and Web service technologies, and practical insights from examples of applications of these technologies throughout various aspects of the virtual enterprise life cycle.


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