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Скачать The Theory of the Moir Phenomenon: Volume II Aperiodic Layers (Computational Imaging and Vision) бесплатно

Isaac Amidror, "The Theory of the Moir Phenomenon: Volume II Aperiodic Layers (Computational Imaging and Vision)"
Springer; 1 edition (August 17, 2007) | ISBN: 1402054572 | 493 pages | PDF | 37,1 Mb

This book presents for the first time the theory of the moir phenomenon between aperiodic or random layers. It is a complementary, yet stand-alone companion to the original volume by the same author, which was dedicated to the moir effects that occur between periodic or repetitive layers. Just like the first volume, this book provides a full general purpose and application-independent exposition of the subject. It leads the reader through the various phenomena which occur in the superposition of correlated aperiodic layers, both in the image and in the spectral domains. Throughout the whole text the book favours a pictorial, intuitive approach which is supported by mathematics, and the discussion is accompanied by a large number of figures and illustrative examples, some of which are visually attractive and even spectacular.

The prerequisite mathematical background is limited to an elementary familiarity with calculus and with the Fourier theory.


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