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Скачать Systems Analysis and Design, 2nd Edition бесплатно

 Systems Analysis and Design, 2nd Edition

Donald Yeates & Tony Wakefield, "Systems Analysis and Design, 2nd Edition"
Prentice Hall | ISBN: 0273655361 | 2004. | 518 p. | RARed PDF 6.66MB

The second edition of this market-leading text covers the whole spectrum of activities necessary for the analysis, design and implementation of computer-based information and data processing systems...

*A chapter that looks towards future developments, drawing on the expertise of leading practitioners.
*An extended case study that relates theory to real business experience.
*Material on ethics and the BCS code of conduct in line with current priorities.
*More challenging exercises and cases.
*New material on OO analysis and design and information security
*Further reading and web references.

Coverage includes new hardware, methodologies, interactive developments and E-commerce. The technical details are clearly presented and set within an understandable business and practitioner context throughout.

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