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Скачать Learn to Program with C++ бесплатно

Learn to Program with C++

John Smiley, "Learn to Program with C++"
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | ISBN: 0072225351 | 2003. | 625 p. | RARed PDF 2.51MB

More than 100,000 programmers owe their careers to Professor John Smiley. In this unique guide, the guru himself will teach you, in a classroom setting, how to program with C++. Learn from more than 100 questions and answers as well as real-world programming projects

Table of contents:
* Where Do I Begin
* ++Getting Comfortable with C
* Data
* Selection Structures
* Loops
* Creating Your Own Functions
* Creating Objects from Instantiable Classes
* Controlling Access to the Data in Your Object
* Inheritance
* Arrays
* Pointers
* Errors and Error Handling

Biographical note
John Smiley is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). He is also a consultant and professor at Penn State University, Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, and Holy Family College. John has consulted and created several online program-ming courses for ZDU, SmartPlanet, and ElementK.

Back cover copy
The easiest technical book you’ll ever read. Open it up and see for yourself
Join Professor Smiley’s C++ class as he teaches essential skills in programming, coding, and more. Using a student-instructor conversational format, this book starts at the very beginning with crucial programming fundamentals. You’ll quickly learn how to identify customer needs so that you can create an application that achieves programming objectives–just like experienced programmers. By identifying clear client goals, you’ll learn important programming basics–like how computers view input and execute output based on the information they are given–then use those skills to develop real-world applications. Participate in this one-of-a-kind classroom experience and see why Professor Smiley is renowned for making learning fun and easy.

Learn fundamental programming concepts, which can be applied to multiple languages
Develop your C++ skills with real-world, hands-on programming projects
Work with program variables, constants, and C++ data types
Create and run a C++ program using Windows Notepad
Adapt to runtime conditions with selection structures and statements
Use loops to increase your programming power
Learn about pointers, arrays, objects, classes, and more.

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