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Скачать SPSS for Beginners бесплатно

SPSS for Beginners

Vijay Gupta, "SPSS for Beginners"
1stBooks Library | ISBN: 1587213001 | 1999 | 429 p. | RARed PDF | 5.58 MB

This book is the only user-oriented book on SPSS:

• It uses a series of pictures and simple instructions to teach each procedure. Users can conduct procedures by following the graphically illustrated examples. The book is designed for the novice - even those who are inexperienced with SPSS, statistics, or computers. Though its content leans toward econometric analysis, the book can be used by those in varied fields, such as market research, criminology, public policy, management, business administration, nursing, medicine, psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc.

• Each method is taught in a step-by-step manner.

• An analytical thread is followed throughout the book - the goal of this method is to show users how to combine different procedures to maximize the benefits of using SPSS.

• To ensure simplicity, the book does not get into the details of statistical procedures. Nor does it use mathematical notation or lengthy discussions. Though it does not qualify as a substitute for a statistics text, users may find that the book contains most of the statistics concepts they will need to use.

About the Author:
Vijay Gupta has taught statistics, econometrics, SPSS, LIMDEP, STATA, Excel, Word, Access, and SAS to graduate students at Georgetown University. A Georgetown University graduate with a Masters degree in economics, he has a vision of making the tools of econometrics and statistics easily accessible to professionals and graduate students. At the Georgetown Public Policy Institute he received rave reviews for making statistics and SPSS so easy and "non-mathematical." He has also taught statistics to institutions in the US and abroad.

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