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Скачать Elementary Linear Programming with Applications, Second Edition бесплатно

Bernard Kolman / Robert E. Beck, «Elementary Linear Programming with Applications, Second Edition»
Academic Press | ISBN: 012417910X | 2 edition (June 22, 1995) | 449 pages | PDF | 14.6 Mb

Linear programming finds the least expensive way to meet given needs with available resources. Its results are used in every area of engineering and commerce: agriculture, oil refining, banking, and air transport. Authors Kolman and Beck present the basic notions of linear programming and illustrate how they are used to solve important common problems. The software on the included disk leads students step-by-step through the calculations.
The Second Edition is completely revised and provides additional review material on linear algebra as well as complete coverage of elementary linear programming. Other topics covered include: the Duality Theorem; transportation problems; the assignment problem; and the maximal flow problem. New figures and exercises are provided and the authors have updated all computer applications.

* More review material on linear algebra
* Elementary linear programming covered more efficiently
* Presentation improved, especially for the duality theorem, transportation problems, the assignment problem, and the maximal flow problem
* New figures and exercises
* Computer applications updated
* New guide to inexpensive linear programming software for personal computers
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