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Скачать Business performance Intelligence Software: A Market Evaluation бесплатно

Business performance Intelligence Software: A Market Evaluation

Dean Sorensen & Ken Peckham, Business performance Intelligence Software: A Market Evaluation
FERF | ISBN: 1885065426 | 2002. | 30 p. | RARed PDF 1MB

This report aims to help executives identify Business Performance Intelligence (BPI) software best suited to their organizations’ objectives. It provides an overview of the increasingly complex BPI market (which includes 1) strategy development/execution & performance management, 2) planning, budgeting & forecasting, and 3) business analytics and cost/profitability management) and suggests a framework CEOs and CFOs can use to evaluate the capabilities and potential value of 47 specific BPI systems.

Investing in BPI software requires an understanding of the factors affecting an application’s potential value to organizations. Three key questions need to be asked and answered before a decision can be made: What vendor applications are most likely to meet the intended objectives? What are the key issues to focus on when assessing these applications? And what are the key technical issues to be aware of when making this assessment?

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