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Скачать Visual Studio Team System: Better Development for Agile Teams бесплатно

Will Stott / James W. Newkirk, «Visual Studio Team System: Better Software Development for Agile Teams»
Addison-Wesley Professional | ISBN: 0321418506 | 1 edition (May 17, 2007) | 864 pages | PDF | 7.5 Mb

Make the Most of Visual Studio Team System in Real-World Agile Development
Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) gives Microsoft development teams a powerful, integrated toolset for Agile development. Visual Studio Team System: Better Software Development for Agile Teams is a comprehensive, start-to-finish guide to making the most of VSTS in real-world Agile environments.

Using a book-length case study, the authors show how to use VSTS to improve every aspect of software development, step by step—from project planning through design and from coding through testing and deployment.

Agile consultant Will Stott and Microsoft development lead James Newkirk carefully integrate theory and practice, offering hands-on exercises, practical insights into core Extreme Programming (XP) techniques, and much more.

Coverage includes
  • Using VSTS to support the transition to Agile values and techniques
  • Forming Agile teams and building effective process frameworks
  • Leveraging Team Foundation Version Control to help teams manage change and share their code effectively
  • Implementing incremental builds and integration with Team Foundation Build
  • Making the most of VSTS tools for Test-Driven Development and refactoring
  • Bringing agility into software modeling and using patterns to model solutions more effectively
  • Using the FIT integrated testing framework to make sure customers are getting what they need
  • Estimating, prioritizing, and planning Agile projects

This book is for working software developers, architects, testers, and managers in real teams—professionals who are either transitioning to VSTS or considering doing so. It will help you start deriving value from VSTS immediately, as you lay a solid foundation for ongoing process improvement.
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