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Скачать Project Management with dotProject бесплатно

«Project Management with dotProject: Implement, Configure, Customize, and Maintain your DotProject Installation»
Lee Jordan | Packt Publishing | ISBN: 1847191649 | 2007-05-10 | 232 pages | PDF | 6.8 Mb

This is a simple but complete guide to setting up an internal project management solution quickly and at zero cost using dotProject, the most popular open-source project management system. Maintained by committed volunteers, dotProject is a multi-user, multi-language-enabled project management environment with a sensible web-based user interface and is free to anyone needing to create, track, and maintain any kind of project. This fast-paced, practical beginner's guide to getting things done with dotProject is for people who need an efficient and flexible project management tool, whether they are IT professionals or have only basic computer and internet skills. Real-world examples and detailed walkthroughs help readers without previous experience of project management get the most from this powerful tool, covering installing and configuring dotProject, using and administering it, customizing its look and feel to fit a corporate identity, and finally Charts, Reports, and Extensions.
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