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Скачать Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture бесплатно

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture: A Pattern Language for Distributed Computing | Frank Buschmann, Kevlin Henney, Douglas C. Schmidt
ISBN: 0470059028 | May 11, 2007 | 636 pages | PDF | 2.42 Mb

he eagerly awaited Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture (POSA) Volume 4 is about a pattern language for distributed computing.

The authors will guide you through the best practices and introduce you to key areas of building distributed software systems. POSA 4 connects many stand-alone patterns, pattern collections and pattern languages from the existing body of literature found in the POSA series. Such patterns relate to and are useful for distributed computing to a single language.

* The panel of experts provides you with a consistent and coherent holistic view on the craft of building distributed systems.
* Includes a foreword by Martin Fowler
* A must read for practitioners who want practical advice to develop a comprehensive language integrating patterns from key literature.


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