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Скачать The Journal of Real-Time Image Processing бесплатно

Journal of Real-Time Image Processing

Editors-in-Chief: N. Kehtarnavaz; M.F. Carlsohn, «Journal of Real-Time Image Processing»
Springer | ISSN: 1861-8219 | Up to 2007(!) | PDF | Each article - separate file | 6 mb

The Journal of Real-Time Image Processing is intended to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of image processing, serving the greater community of researchers, practicing engineers, and industrial professionals who deal with designing, implementing or utilizing image processing systems which must satisfy real-time design constraints.

Due to rapid advancements in integrated circuit technology, the rich theoretical results that have been developed by the image processing research community are now being increasingly applied in practical systems to solve real-world image processing problems. Such systems involve constraints placed not only on their size, cost, and power consumption, but also on the timeliness of the image data processed. Examples of such systems are mobile phones, digital still/video/cell-phone cameras, portable media players, personal digital assistants, high-definition television, video surveillance systems, industrial inspection systems, medical imaging devices, intelligent robots, spectral imaging systems, and many other real-time embedded systems. In these real-time systems, strict timing requirements demand that results are available within a certain interval of time as imposed by the application. It is often the case that an image processing algorithm is developed and proven theoretically sound, presumably with a specific application in mind, but its practical applications and the detailed steps, methodology, and trade-off analysis required to achieve its real-time performance are not fully explored, leaving these critical and usually non-trivial issues for those wishing to employ the algorithm in a real-time system.
The journal solicits original contributions in the following areas:

  • Real-time image processing systems and algorithms for industrial, medical, consumer electronics, portable and embedded device applications
  • Design and real-time implementation of image processing algorithms
  • Hardware/software co-design for image processing algorithms
  • Practical, low-cost, and real-time architectures for image processing systems
  • Fast algorithms for image processing applications
  • Tools, simulation and modeling for real-time image processing algorithms and their implementations (including FPGA, DSP, ASIC, etc.)
  • Real-time methods and applications in bioinformatics imaging
  • System on Chip (SoC) and System in a Package (SiP) designs for image processing applications
  • Real-time aspects of (image) pattern recognition system design



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