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Скачать Essentials of Programming Languages - 2nd Edition бесплатно

Essentials of Programming Languages - 2nd Edition
by Daniel P. Friedman (Author), Mitchell Wand (Author), Christopher T. Haynes (Author)
408 pages
The MIT Press; 2nd edition
1.7 MB

This textbook offers a deep understanding of the essential concepts of programming languages. The approach is analytic and hands-on. The text uses interpreters, written in Scheme, to express the semantics of many essential language elements in a way that is both clear and directly executable. It also examines some important program analyses. Extensive exercises explore many design and implementation alternatives.

Book Info

Textbook introducing the program design process, showing how to analyze a problem statement, develop an outline of a solution, and use these tools to build a computer program. Also introduces the languages that can be used to build computer programs, growing with the reader to a level supporting a full range of programming tasks. DLC: Programming Languages (Electronic computers).

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