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Скачать Beginning Visual Basic 2005 бесплатно

Beginning Visual Basic 2005
Wrox; 4Rev Ed edition
ISBN: 0764574019
840 pages
November 7, 2005
Format: PDF
5 Mb size

This book is intended to be an introduction to programming using VB.NET and a precursor to other titles that will discuss more advanced topics. Beginning VB.NET 2003, shows you how to get up and running with Visual Basic .NET or the Visual Studio .NET IDE. It also discusses what the .NET Framework is and why it is important. You then learn how to use loops and branching structures for good decision-making. The book also includes information on how to use menus, toolbars, dialog boxes, and other controls in Windows programs. Explanation of object-oriented programming concepts and theory are included to give the reader an understanding of its benefits.

- (5 Mb size)

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