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Скачать JavaScript and Ajax for the Web, Sixth Edition бесплатно

JavaScript and Ajax for the Web, Sixth Edition

JavaScript and Ajax for the Web, Sixth Edition
Publisher: Peachpit Press | Pages: 512 | 2006-09-07 | ISBN 0321430328 | PDF | 13 MB

Need to learn JavaScript fast? This best-selling reference’s visual format and step-by-step, task-based instructions will have you up and running with JavaScript in no time. In this completely updated edition of our best-selling guide to JavaScript, leading Web and computing experts Tom Negrino and Dori Smith use crystal-clear instructions and friendly prose to introduce you to all of today's JavaScript essentials. Along the way, you'll find extensive coverage of Ajax and XML techniques, current browsers (Opera, Safari, Firefox), and more.

Visual QuickStart Guide--the quick and easy way to learn!

* Easy visual approach uses pictures to guide you through JavaScript and show you what to do.
* Concise steps and explanations get you up and running in no time.
* Page for page, the best content and value around.
* Companion Web site at www.javascriptworld.com offers sample scripts, updates, and more!

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