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Скачать Cascading Style Sheets: Designing for the Web (3rd Edition) by Hakon Wium Lie бесплатно

Cascading Style Sheets: Designing for the Web (3rd Edition) by Hakon Wium Lie

Cascading Style Sheets: Designing for the Web (3rd Edition) by Hakon Wium Lie
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 3 edition (April 25, 2005) | ISBN-10: 0321193121 | CHM | 6 Mb | 496 pages

Direct from the creators of CSS, this is the definitive guide to CSS, today's indispensable standard for controlling the appearance of any Web or XML document. This book doesn't just show how to use every significant CSS 1 and 2.x feature; it carefully explains the "why" behind today's most valuable CSS design techniques. You'll find practical, downloadable examples throughout — along with essential browser support information and best practices for building high-impact pages and applications.

Cascading Style Sheets: Designing for the Web, Third Edition covers every CSS 2.1 improvement and fix, from new height/width definitions in absolutely positioned elements to new clip property calculations. Clear, readable, and thorough, it's the one must-have CSS resource for every Web developer, designer, and content provider.
Coverage includes
— Mastering essential CSS concepts: Rules, declarations, selectors, properties, and more
— Working with type: From absolute/relative units to font size and weight
— Understanding CSS objects: Box model, display properties, list styles, and more
— Exercising total control over spacing and positioning
— Specifying colors for borders and backgrounds
— Managing printing: Margins, page breaks, and more
— Implementing media-specific style sheets for audio rendering, handhelds, and other forms of presentation
— Moving from HTML extensions to CSS: Five practical case studies
— Making the most of cascading and inheritance
— Using external style sheets and @import
— Integrating CSS with XML documents
— Optimizing the performance of CSS pages
— Includes a handy CSS Quick Reference printed on the inside covers

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