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Скачать Sams Teach Yourself to Create Web Pages in 24 Hours (3rd Edition) бесплатно

Sams Teach Yourself to Create Web Pages in 24 Hours (3rd Edition)
Sams | 2001-08-09 | ISBN: 0672320754 | 416 pages | PDF | 16 MB

WYSIWYG Web page editors like Netscape Composer, Microsoft FrontPage, and many others have made it extremely easy to create and edit Web pages. No longer do aspiring Web publishers have to have an extensive understanding of HTML, scripting languages, and CGI scripting. This book teaches the beginning Web page author just what he needs to know to get a Web page up in the shortest time possible, using the tools that come packaged on the book’s CD. It starts out introducing the reader to the included WYSIWYG tool (Netscape Composer), and moves into the steps necessary to design, create, and publish a page on the World Wide Web. The reader does not need to know anything about HTML. This edition of the book has been thoroughly updated and revised to include all new examples for better clarity and reader appeal, coverage of the latest release of Netscape 6, and more coverage of finding a place to host a Web site.


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