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Скачать Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery бесплатно

Matt Butcher, "Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery"
Packt Publishing | 2009 | ISBN: 1847196160 | 340 pages | PDF | 5,8 MB

Putting jQuery, AJAX, and JavaScript effects into your Drupal 6 modules and themes
Learn about JavaScript support in Drupal 6
Packed with example code ready for you to use
Harness the popular jQuery library to enhance your Drupal sites
Make the most of Drupal's built-in JavaScript libraries

In Detail

JavaScript: It's not just for calculators and image rollovers.

Drupal 6 is loaded with new features, and not all of them are necessarily implemented in PHP. This unique book, for web designers and developers, will take you through what can be done with JavaScript (and especially with jQuery) in Drupal 6.

With the combination of the powerhouse jQuery library with its own robust set of JavaScript tools, Drupal 6 comes with a pre-packaged killer JavaScript environment. Cross-platform by nature, it provides all of the tools necessary to create powerful AJAX-enabled scripts, gorgeous visual effects, and view-enhancing behaviors. In addition, Drupal developers have ported some of its most powerful PHP tools - like a theming engine and support for localization and language translation - to JavaScript, making it possible to write simple scripts where once only complex PHP code could be used.

This book gives you the keys to the toolbox, showing you how to use Drupal's JavaScript libraries to make your modules and themes more dynamic, interactive and responsive, and add effects to make your Drupal site explode into life!

If you've dipped your toe in the water of theme or module development with Drupal 6, this is the book you want to make the look and behavior of your work something special. With it's project-based approach, this book is carefully constructed to guide you from how JavaScript fits into the overall Drupal architecture through to making you a master of the jQuery library in the world of Drupal themes and modules.

What you will learn from this book?
An introduction to JavaScript in Drupal 6
The basics of the jQuery library
Creating JavaScript-enabled themes
Manipulating a page on the fly with jQuery
Authoring simple PHPTemplate files designed to maximize scripting potential
Using jQuery to add effects in Drupal 6
Working with Drupal 6 behaviors
Adding AJAX to modules
Using Drupal's localization and language translation engine in your JavaScript
Theming on the client-side with Drupal's JavaScript theme engine
Building better forms
Working with Drupal 6's JavaScript library
Writing portable JavaScript tools as Drupal modules

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