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Скачать HTML 4 For Dummies, Fifth Edition бесплатно

Ed Tittel & Mary Burmeister, "HTML 4 For Dummies, Fifth Edition"
For Dummies | 2005-05-27 | ISBN: 0764589172 | 432 pages | PDF | 5,4 MB

Are you fascinated by the look and design of Web pages? Do you wish that you had the knowledge and skills to create a great looking Web site? Whether you’re an up-and-coming Web designer or just an enthusiastic hobbyist, you are probably using HTML, the standard authoring language for the Internet. HTML 4 For Dummies, now in its 5th edition, will show you the basics of working with this language as well as advanced skills for all-around knowledge.

HTML is used to create Web documents. As a standard issued by the World Wide Web Consortium, it is used by almost everyone to create and edit Web pages. HTML is capable of:

# Creating a Web site
# Inserting designs to a Web page
# Running on both PCs and Macs

The new edition of HTML 4 For Dummies contains nearly 50% more content than its previous editions, and covers a wide range of material, including: Planning a Web site to avoid underperformance

# Creating and viewing a Web page
# Working with text, tables, lists, and links
# Adding style to your page with images, colors, and fonts
# Managing layout
# Controlling positioning and appearance using CSS
# Integrating scripts with HTML
# Designing an eBay auction page
# Helpful advices and tips, as well as warnings about pitfalls

Complete with a 6-page tear-out colored reference sheet, HTML 4 For Dummies is the most comprehensive HTML guide yet. Written by a computer expert and author of over 120 books, including the previous editions of the bestselling HTML 4 For Dummies, this straightforward, fun guide will aid you through making and editing beautiful Web pages.

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