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Скачать XML for the World Wide Web бесплатно

XML for the World Wide Web

Elizabeth Castro,"XML for the World Wide Web (Visual QuickStart Guide)"
Peachpit (11-2000) | PDF | 272 pages | 0201710986 | 2.97Mb(rar)

XML for the World Wide Web (Visual QuickStart Guide)/by Elizabeth Castro.Web-maven Elizabeth Castro, who has penned Peachpit books on HTML, Perl and CGI, and Netscape, now tackles XML--an indispensable tool for creating personalized, updated content for each visitor on your site. Whether you build Web pages for a living or you're taking on a new hobby, XML for the World Wide Web contains everything you need to create dynamic Web sites by writing XML code, developing custom XML applications with DTDs and schemas, transforming XML into personalized Web content through XSLT-based transformations, and professionally formatting XML documents with Cascading Style Sheets.
The real power of XML lies in combining information from various sources and generating personalized content for different visitors. Castro's easy-to-follow graphics show exactly what XML looks like, and her real-world examples explain how to transform and streamline your Web-site creation process by automatically updating content.

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