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Скачать CSS Hacks and Filters бесплатно

CSS Hacks and Filters

Joseph Lowery, "CSS Hacks and Filters"
Wiley | ISBN: 0764579851 | 2005 | PDF | 289 pages | 4.1 MB

CSS Hacks and Filters follows, roughly, an old-to-new, simple-to-complex structure. The oldest browsers CSS designers are still struggling with are covered first, followed by more up-to-date, standards-based browsers. Internet Explorer’s proprietary conditional comment technology is important enough (given Internet Explorer’s continued prevalence and CSS bugs) to deserve a chapter by itself. In all these early chapters, I tackled real-world CSS problems and explained how the hacks covered can solve them. Later chapters explore the intersection of CSS with other Web technologies such as JavaScript, the Document Object Model (DOM), and application servers. Graphics and other visual media weigh heavily in the modern Web, and manipulating them properly with CSS is the subject of Chapter 7. Accessibility is a well-deserved hot button and techniques for applying CSS in a responsible fashion are explored in Chapter 8.

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